|Saturday, November 18, 2017
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“Los Indianos” 



If you’re popping over to La Palma, a new tourist attraction might be of interest.

A number of businesses have got together to organise a guided trail called “Los Indianos”. It takes place in the capital of Santa Cruz de La Palma and centres around the history of emigration on the island and all its associated culture, cuisine, folklore and astronomy.

The new attraction has been organised by Restaurante Casa Indianos and AstroLaPalma.com as a way of boosting tourism trade. Sponsorship has been won from the Tourism Institute of Spain, the Canary Government and La Palma Cabildo.

The route begins in the Barca de La Virgen and then visits various sites in the city and there will be an astronomical discussion in the Cafeteria Cosmos as part of the event. It ends at the Restaurante Casa Indianos for a themed dinner.